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Recycling lead excess capacity Industry insiders call for battery manufacturers to be cautious

Recycling lead excess capacity Industry insiders call for battery manufacturers to be cautious

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Since a large number of waste lead-acid batteries have entered the illegal recycling channels with low processing costs, the shortage of raw materials for recycled lead companies has often been report
Since a large number of waste lead-acid batteries have entered the illegal recycling channels with low processing costs, the shortage of raw materials for recycled lead companies has often been reported by the media. However, industry statistics show that, in addition to the shortage of raw materials, recycled lead enterprises have experienced overcapacity due to continuous expansion in recent years.
According to the statistics of enterprises, the current resource of China's waste lead-acid batteries is only about 340 million tons. Compared with the production capacity of more than 6 million tons, the current capacity of the lead-lead recycling enterprises is excessive.
According to this, some people in the industry believe that under the circumstances that the existing processing capacity is already in excess, the State should not allow more enterprises to enter the recycling and disposal field of waste lead-acid batteries, especially lead-acid battery production enterprises, otherwise it will lead to the regeneration of the lead industry. Further overcapacity. However, more views are that recycled lead companies and lead-acid battery manufacturers are part of the recycling system. Lead-acid battery manufacturing enterprises can establish a standardized recycling alliance with recycled lead enterprises through economic contracts, etc., rely on the Internet of Things and other technologies to supervise the whole process of production, sales, distribution, recycling, recycling and utilization of lead-acid batteries, and eliminate lead scrap. Acid batteries flow into illegal channels.
It is reported that Tianneng Group, which mainly produces lead-acid batteries, has established its own processing line, and another large-scale lead-acid battery company, Chaowei Group, has also applied for recycling of waste lead batteries to the relevant departments due to the development of an atomic economic law recycling process. , Prepare to use its own online and offline sales network as a channel to participate in the recycling of waste lead batteries.
It can be foreseen that due to the overcapacity of existing production capacity and the emergence of new market players, lead recycling companies may face reshuffle in industries that are cutting excess capacity.
Battery ChinaNet believes that the recycling of used batteries has now become an important link in preventing and controlling pollution of lead batteries. Under the premise that the recovery and disposal capacity has already been surplus, no additional capacity input should be added. Instead, we can use existing enterprise resources to promote the cooperation between lead recycling enterprises and lead battery production enterprises. One side can use technology and one side to export channels, so that it can not only control the recycling of waste lead storage batteries, but also solve the problem of reusing lead batteries. "The problem can also lead to lead-acid battery manufacturers to solve some of the sources of raw materials, and to implement the environmental responsibility of lead-acid battery manufacturing enterprises. Only reclaimed lead enterprises and lead storage battery companies can jointly solve the problem of the recycling of used lead storage batteries to jointly promote the sustainable development of the lead storage battery industry and the renewable lead industry.
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