Economic Weekly | Twenty Years of Wind Flying, How Can Chancheng, a Private Enterprise Become an Industry Benchmark?


"Enterprises must always change and innovate, especially the current information explosion. Technology updates and iterations are fast. If they stand still and cannot keep pace with the times, they will soon be eliminated." At the beginning of the interview, Li Guocai, general manager of Foshan Ouli Electronics Co., Ltd., said straight to the point that the company has been committed to technology and process innovation, optimizing production, management, and marketing processes.

Corporate honor wall. /Enterprise drawing

Since its establishment in 2001, Ouli Electronics has been rooted in Chancheng for 20 years. It has grown from a small company with only a dozen people to a high-tech enterprise with a modern plant area of more than 10000 square meters and nearly 300 employees. The company can get rapid development, a very important point is the word "innovation", including technological innovation, talent training innovation, management innovation and so on. At present, Ouli Electronics has Guangdong Province Special Transformer Engineering Technology Research Center, a total of 18 authorized patents. Ouli Electronics is also a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Foshan City, as well as a "contract-abiding and credit-abiding" enterprise in Guangdong Province.

Taking root in the development of Chancheng relying on innovation to stand out among peers

At the end of 1995, Li Guocai, with a dream of becoming rich, came to Foshan from his hometown of Heilongjiang to work. "At first, I ran to the fan factory because the salary was high." However, Li Guocai ran into a fan factory because of the off-season shutdown, and finally moved into a transformer factory.

"Choosing the right direction is more important than trying." Looking back at the beginning, Li Guocai was very glad to choose the right development direction. Although the salary in the transformer factory is not as good as that in the fan factory, he thinks that the peak season of the fan factory is only seven or eight months, so it is better to start work normally in the transformer factory every month and have income every month. Based on this simple idea, he chose to settle down, conscientiously do a good job in every job, and gradually became familiar with the operation and management of the company. In 2001, in Guangdong's strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, Li Guocai started his own business.

For a long time, Oli Electronics mainly provides power transformers for customers. The company initially launched the EI transformer, technical content is not high, is a labor-intensive products. In the era of winning by quantity and price, Li Guocai made the first pot of gold, but he also found that if he was only satisfied with the status quo and did not have core competitiveness, the company's development would be unsustainable.

In 2006, he investigated the current situation of the transformer industry, combined with the actual situation of the company, decided to optimize the product structure, optimize profits, develop special transformers, toroidal transformers and other high value-added products, and gradually optimize and improve the product system. This decision allowed Oli Electronics to successfully defuse the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Through the introduction of technical personnel and optimization of the company's technical strength, the technical team of Ouli Electronics has made key technological breakthroughs within two years after its establishment, and achieved a higher cost-effectiveness between cost and technology. Compared with other big Mac manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta, Ou Electronics is gradually narrowing the gap between them. "Using technology to reduce costs, I think this is our very important innovation advantage." Li Guocai said that at present, Ouli Electronics has established a complete technology and product system, and its customer groups are distributed at home and abroad, involving new energy, UPS power supply, big data computer room equipment, medical and health industries. According to customer needs, the company develops competitive products every year.

Chancheng District is a well-known brand demonstration area of modern power supply (uninterruptible power supply) industry in China. The South China Power Innovation and Technology Park, located in Zhangcha Street, is the first science and technology park with the theme of power supply industry in China. The related industries in the park are gathered. Ou Li Electronics, which is located here, can be said to have the right time, place and people.

"The company settled in 2015. The plant area here is more than 10,000 square meters. A modern production line that meets international standards has been built. The company's strength and image have been greatly improved. This is not the same as the beginning of the business." Li Guocai said that it is both a responsibility and a mission for Ouli Electronics to take root in the fertile soil of Chancheng.

Relying on Colleges and Universities to Carry out Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Customize Professional and Technical Talents

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. In addition to relying on the company's technical team to develop products, Ouli Electronics also actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation, with the help of domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutes to break through technical problems. For example, Ouli Electronics and Foshan Vocational and Technical College have established a cooperative relationship with the doctoral team of the Buddhist Institute to overcome key technical issues such as winding manufacturing technology, insulation processing technology, transformer energy saving and ferrosilicon reactance design of special transformer products.

Ouli electronic technology team in research and development. /Enterprise drawing

"Under the system of combining production, teaching and research, the Ph.D. team of the Buddhist Vocational College regularly communicates with enterprises and gives guidance on product planning and design. At the same time, the company uses the high-quality resources of the school to conduct product testing, verification and academic discussions, providing specific and vivid practical opportunities for teachers and students of the school." Li Guocai said.

According to the needs of enterprises, the Buddhist Vocational College trains professional talents for Ouli Electronics and allows students to participate in related research. After graduation and joining Ouli Electronics, they can quickly adapt to their jobs. The customization of professional talents is an innovation of Ou Li Electronics in personnel training.

Up to now, Ouli Electronics has accumulated 18 authorized patents, including 4 invention patents, 14 utility model patents, and 2 corporate standards have been formulated. In 2020, there are 9 scientific and technological projects under research, 1 technological transformation project, 8 scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, and a total of 8 series of new products developed.

Li Zhicheng, manager of the R & D department of Ouli Electronics, introduced that the new product "18-pulse phase-shifting rectifier transformer" has become a UPS power supply and variable frequency power supply company, and has formed an industrialized technical standard, increasing the company's voice in the market.

In the future, Oli Electronics will develop in the direction of energy saving, miniaturization, low noise and high impedance. The company will adhere to the innovation strategy of "market-oriented, talent-oriented, industry-university-research combination", strive for sustained, stable and healthy development, transform to digitalization and automation, and expand the international and domestic markets from multiple angles.