Step on the Melody of Youth, Ignite Passion Dream-Team Expansion Activities of Foshan Ouli Electronics Co., Ltd.


The wind is beautiful and warm, the winter is now full, Yingxiang takes a one-day tour, and colleagues accompany each other. With the strong winter intention on December 02, all employees participated in the team expansion activities of Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park organized by the company. On this day, we bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, without the pressure of work, only the laughter and laughter of the close team spirit among colleagues around us.

When we arrived at Yingxiang Ecological Park in the morning and entered Yingxiang Ecological Park, we were surprised that the beauty of Guangdong all the year round seemed to be fixed in this early winter. Bougainvillea, Gesang flowers in the garden... red, white, orange, usually can not see the color enthusiastically blooming in the trees, fields, fields... a colorful appearance. Facing the fairy-tale place, our faces are filled with bright smiles, and our mood is extremely relaxed and happy.



We are very grateful to have such a profound experience and meaningful experience through this activity. We are also honored to be in such a team with tacit understanding. We believe that in our big family, no matter what difficulties we face next, we can overcome them hand in hand, because we firmly believe that the team is strength!



This activity is divided into 11 groups. During the activity, we forgot our age and position. Each of us devoted ourselves to the activity. Our activities include: crossing the river by touching stones, making a circle to the end, etc.







Happy times always pass very quickly, the activity soon draws to a close, and at the same time exciting moments come. When our host announced the winning group and ranking, cheers and applause were endless. At this time, our general manager and deputy general manager presented mysterious gifts to our winning group.




During lunch time, we were eating the sweet and delicious meals prepared by the company for us. At this time, everyone's faces were full of happiness.


In the afternoon we came to the "Pearl River Delta Jiuzhaigou," said the Gaoming Lingyun Mountains. Standing in "Lingyun Flying Crossing"; On the 5D glass bridge, through the 99% transmittance glass, you can see the shadows of trees whirling, the fairyland of clear springs, the breeze blowing across the face, and the pine forest for thousands of miles. Of course, there are also those who are bold. The more thrilling and exciting they are, the more they appear to be. On the glass bridge, there is a POSE that they think is the most beautiful.



Leaving the glass bridge that made us both excited and scared, we came to the "Scream Island" and challenged the limit with sufficient energy and infinite courage. Every project in "Scream Island" is lingering, laughing and exciting.






Through this activity, we have deepened our mutual understanding, brought our distance closer, and sublimated our friendship again. Thank you for organizing this activity to provide us all with the opportunity to relax and enhance communication. We will continue to work hard in the future.